Carving Out 30 Years of Manufacturing Experience

WES Anniversary

WES AnniversaryWestern Engravers Supply, Inc., a privately held corporation and leading global manufacturer of rotary engravers and CNC routers, has reached its 30-year anniversary. The family owned and operated company, also known as Vision Engraving Systems, and iMARC Engraving Systems, began in 1980 as a small industrial engraving business, engraving and distributing engraving supplies to area businesses.

Interest continued to grow from supplies and engraving to manufacturing, and by 1983, the company was successful in producing quality computerized engraving equipment and engraving tables for a variety of industry leaders in the signage, trophy, and awards and identification industries. By 1994, engraving software was introduced and they continued to expand their capabilities.

Meanwhile, it became apparent that certain niche markets had a need for a low-cost, easy-to-operate computerized engraver. iMARC Engraving Systems was developed with this need in mind, and in September of 2002, the first iMARC machine was produced and sold to pet retailers, veterinarian clinics, and equestrian retailers.

Today, both Vision and iMARC products have earned a strong reputation for high-quality, reliability, and manufacturing excellence around the world, with more than 28,000 systems worldwide and many of its machines installed in the early 1980’s still in use today.

“Engraving and CNC routing technologies evolved tremendously over the years,” said President Joe Ivanenok. “We are fortunate to have many outstanding customers that trusted us to help them achieve their manufacturing solutions. Vision’s success can be directly attributed to leadership and investment in facilities, technology, and equipment. In addition, we are fortunate to have many talented employees, who helped us grow year after year.”

Vision and iMARC products are made in the USA. The company remains a family-owned business with 54 employees operating, in two facilities, both in Phoenix, Arizona, where assembly, testing, and shipping services are fulfilled.

“We are incredibly proud of the history of this company, which represents the very best in manufacturing quality products,” said Joe Marziano, co-owner, who has been with the company since its inception. “While other manufacturing companies have outsourced the manufacturing process to other countries and sent jobs overseas, we have remained committed to keeping our manufacturing here in the United States. As we celebrate this 30-year milestone, we reflect on the importance of keeping manufacturing and jobs here to ensure quality products and reduced time to market.”