Patent-pending Design Provides Sign Shops New Add-on Solution for Banner Sales

Sign Stuff, Inc., is pleased to announce a new patent -pending outdoor banner post mounting system called JustAddBanner™. JustAddBanner is a solution to a long-standing problem of poorly mounted banners that sag and have a shortened lifespan because they are whipped with the full force of high speed wind gusts. This outdoor banner mounting system helps the banner last much longer than traditional mounting methods.

The integral bungees are more pliable than the banner and spread the force of the wind across the four bungees instead of upon the banner alone. When the air becomes still again, the bungees pull the banner taut keeping it displaying well and easy to read.

According to Will Buyers, president of Sign Stuff, “JustAddBanner makes it simple to mount, change, or remove a banner in minutes. What is unique and new about our exciting new system are the bungees embedded in the vertical posts that can be instantly adjusted for different banner heights.”

Buyers adds, “JustAddBanner will become a staple for banner mounting, just like step frames are to yard sign mounting and molded sign frames are for sandwich sign mounting. Now a sign shop can sell its customers a complete banner solution; the banner and a terrific way to mount it. And as bonus for the sign shop is that it will make additional money on each JustAddBanner sold, instead of just on the banner.”

The unique features of this outdoor banner mounting system are:

● Posts include multiple embedded keyhole slots that accept bungees to mount the banners;

● Keyhole slots are embedded within and spaced along the length of the post to accommodate different banner heights by moving the bottom two bungees to different keyhole slots higher or lower on the post;

● Bungee hooks enable user to quickly mount, change and remove banners;

● The bungees manage the winds force by stretching and distributing the force across them;

● Bungees also pull the banner taut on calm days, keeping it displaying well and easy to read; and

● Banners last much longer using JustAddBanner™ then when installed using traditional methods

There are two products in the JustAddBanner line:

JustAddBanner is a light-duty outdoor banner post kit for mounting smaller banners or for banners that are to be installed temporarily. JustAddBanner includes light-duty steel stakes and light-duty PVC posts. Multiple bungee slots are embedded in the sides of the PVC posts to instantly adjust for eighteen-inch, twenty-four-inch, and thirty-six-inch banner heights. This standard system is designed for banners that are up to three feet tall-by-eight feet long.

JustAddBanner Deluxe™ is a heavy-duty outdoor banner post kit made for larger banners that are displayed on a more permanent basis. JustAddBanner Deluxe uses heavy-duty steel stakes and heavy-duty PVC posts. Multiple bungee slots are embedded in the sides of the PVC posts to instantly adjust for eighteen-inch, twenty-four-inch, thirty-six-inch, and forty-eight-inch banner heights. This deluxe system is designed for banners that are up to four feet tall-by-eight feet long.

The JustAddBanner product line is sold exclusively through sign distributors nationwide. For more information or for the name of the stocking distributor nearest you, call (734) 458-1055 or visit

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