AkzoNobel Sign Finishes Grip-Gard 3.5 VOC White Washprimer Light Enhancing

Brighten illuminated channel letters and cabinets! Grip-Gard® 3.5 VOC White Washprimer Light Enhancing from AkzoNobel is a chrome-free, one-component, self-etching primer for metal surfaces in the sign industry. It is suitable for most substrates, especially aluminum, steel, and galvanized steel. It provides excellent long-term adhesion and corrosion-resistance properties. Additionally, the VOC of this product is 3.5 pounds/gallon, allowing users in areas with more stringent regulations to take advantage of these benefits.

Grip-Gard 3.5 VOC White Washprimer Light Enhancing is designed to be used with Grip-Gard 3.5 VOC White Washprimer Reducer, 554616.

The light enhancing capabilities of this primer make it ideal for use in the sign industry.

• Exclusive light enhancing / reflective properties brighten illuminated channel letters and cabinets.

• Outstanding corrosion resistance and substrate protection on aluminum, steel, galvanized steel.

• Superior appearance.

• Excellent flow and leveling.

• Easy to apply, sand, and denib.Ecologically friendly, 3.5 VOC.

• Simple single-component system.

Quick facts:

Item number: 554543 and  554616
VOC (RTS): 3.43 lbs./gallon
Mix ratio: 2:1
Film thickness: 0.5-0.7 mils
Theoretical coverage: 432 sq. ft. per gallon Shelf life: 365 days

Learn more at www.signfinishes.com.

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