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Bunting® Discontinues Flexible Die Product Line

Bunting® Magnetics Co.—producer of precision magnetic products for the worldwide printing, automobile, plastics, food, and electronics industries—has announced that it has discontinued its flexible die product line and will no longer accept orders for flexible dies.  Th...
Hingst ApplicationTapeTear

Why Application Tape Tears Unexpectedly

Sign Builder Illustrated contributor Jim Hingst writes: “From time to time, application tape will tear when you least expect it. When this happens the graphics can be trashed. “Frustrated sign makers want to know the cause of these mishaps.&...
Hingst ApplicationTapeGuide

Hingst’s Sign Post: Application Tape Guide

Sign Builder Illustrated columnist Jim Hingst writes: “To help you in working with application tape, I have compiled some tips and tricks. He continues: “This guide covers laminating the tape onto graphics, transferring graphics from the...
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Gyford StandOff Systems® Celebrates Twenty-five Years

Gyford StandOff Systems is proud to announce that the company’s twenty-fifth anniversary. When Founder Steven Gyford designed the first StandOff Cap and Barrel for his own use in the museum and exhibit building industry, he had no idea that his original design would create a new commodity of...
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Monarch's Z Clip System Does Some Heavy Lifting

Monarch engaged Qualtim, Inc. of Madison, Wisconsin to undertake load testing of the Monarch Z Clip system for mounting panels in the most typical installations. The tests included testing of the panel clips to the back of the panel, testing of the Monarch Clip system in...
Outwater LEDStandoff

Outwater Introduces its LED Integrated Standoffs

According to studies, consumer awareness and sales of products rise significantly when highlighted with an appropriate source of lighting, as opposed to similar presentation without being lit under otherwise equal conditions. Outwater...
Hingst Tape

Hingst’s Sign Post Blog: HotMask Polyester Transfer Tapes

Sign Builder Illustrated columnist Jim Hingst writes: To transfer a print and cut heat transfer appliqué from its carrier to the garment you should use a polyester HotMask™ transfer tape. While many shop owners have used paper application tape to transfer printed heat transfer appliques, you are muc...
MetalGrommets A

Draper Grommets Stocked in Eight Popular Colors

MetalGrommets AA full line of #12 drapery and curtain grommets that are designed for use with the Rowley® hand tool, bench press, and ClipsShop® setting equipment is being introduced by of Dighton, Massachusetts.

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Gemini Introduces Patent-pending Detachable Stud Mount

Sign manufacturers and installers are now able to remove letters from walls without damaging the mounting service thanks to a new patent-pending stud mount recently developed by Gemini Incorporated. One of the world’s leading manufacturers of dim...

The Adhesive-to-Substrate Matrix

As the economy continues to recover, so too does the optimism in many business sectors across the country—including signage. The last few years have been difficult for many companies, and those that have made it through these uncertain times have had ...

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