NanoLumens Appears on Television Show

NanoLumens® President Rick Cope appeared yesterday on Fox Business Network’s “Countdown to The Closing Bell” television show to introduce the company’s revolutionary NanoFlex™ 112-inch flexible LED display. The segment, featuring Fox’s tech and media expert correspondent Dennis Kneale, highlighted the numerous advantages of NanoLumens products as compared to other large-format digital displays. The video can be viewed by clicking here.

According to Cope, “For 80 years, we’ve been in a black and white box, then a color box, and now a color rectangle. NanoLumens’ technology is designed to get you out of the box! It turns your digital dreams into reality. Now, quite literally, if you can imagine it, we can make it and put it on the wall, either indoors or out.”

Kneale noted that, compared to their closest competitors, the NanoLumens displays are one sixth the weight, one fifth the thickness and use only 25 percent as much power.  Not only that, but there isn’t another large-format display maker in the world that manufactures a display that can literally bend to accommodate any installation.

Cope emphasized that one of NanoLumens’ most important business objectives is to keep manufacturing and engineering in the United States. “China is great at making lots of things that are the same—millions of units,” Cope said. “Every one of our customers wants something different. No one comes up and says ‘I want exactly what this person has.’ They come up and say ‘I have a dream. I wish I could do this, I wish I could do that.’ And we enable those dreams to become a reality now with a completely customized digital canvas.”

To be sure, everything about NanoLumens displays is extremely customizable for each customer, right down to the display’s paint job, which is applied at an auto body shop and can come in any color imaginable. That means the edge of the display doesn’t have to be black or silver, unlike nearly every other manufacturer on the planet.

“The possibilities really are endless,” Cope added. “No matter how big, bright, or uniquely shaped the customer wants their display, we can build it, and make dreams come true in the process.”

Cope added that NanoLumens was built from the ground up with private investments, requiring zero government assistance, and currently employs, directly and indirectly through its U.S. based subcontractors, hundreds of people serving in high value-added jobs that can’t and won’t be outsourced to another country.

Cope was proud to share that NanoLumens embodies the entrepreneurial spirit, and for that reason, “Every employee is an owner of the company, and they always will be. You can’t hire people who’ve done this before, since no one’s ever done it before. So we look for smart, driven individuals, put them in a great culture, compensate them well, and treat them well, just like we did in the Marine Corp.”

To date, NanoLumens has manufactured about 200 individual displays, totaling about 7,000 square feet. Cope also revealed that NanoLumens is currently working on a 120-foot by 200-foot digital display. NanoLumens plans to sell up to thousands of displays in 2012 as more businesses, advertisers, and content creators realize the unlimited potential with a truly one-of-a-kind display.

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