Zone in on SGP at SGIA Expo

SGP is going to have a strong showing at SGIA Expo this year. Board members, Certified printers, and Patrons will be speaking at the Expo's first-ever Strategic Sustainable Solutions Zone.

During the sessions, these experts will explore a range of topics related to sustainability in print. These include sustainable media options, customer perception of sustainable businesses, validation of best practices, return on investment of SGP Certification, and much more. The sessions are as follows:

Wednesday, October 23

  • Sustainability 101, speaker Marci Kinter, SGP board member, SGIA
  • Does Sustainability Make a Difference?, speaker David Sunderman, SGP board member, SGP Certified Visual Marketing Systems
  • Recycled Content or Recyclability? What's the Difference?, speaker Brett Thompson, SGP Patron Laird Plastics
  • A Message From YOUR Customers, speaker Martine Padilla, SGP board member, Sustainable Print Strategist
  • A Top Brand's Journey into Sustainability at the Retail Level, speaker Lou Liotta, Acosta-Mosaic Group  

Thursday, October 24

  • Media Selection -- Does It Make a Difference?, speaker Brett Thompson
  • Sustainability Pays Back, speakers Marshall Atkinson, SGP Certified Visual Impressions; Bill Barnes, SGP Certified Miller Zell; Paul Glynn, SGP Certified Designtex
  • The Landscape of Sustainability in the Retail Sector, speakers Lou Liotta, Martine Padilla
  • Sustainability -- A Smart Investment, speaker David Sunderman
  • Gaining Your Sustainability Credentials, speaker Marci Kinter

Friday, October 25

  • Sustainability -- A Supplier's Perspective, speakers Michael Kesti, SGP Patron 3M; Terry Mitchell, SGP Patron Fujifilm; Blake Pace, SGP Patron Primex Plastics Corporation
  • Tips to Selling Your Sustainability, speakers Martine Padilla and Lou Liotta

Visit the Strategic Sustainable Solutions Zone, Booth #3040 at SGIA Expo, October 23-25, FL. For more information, visit SGP or SGIA Expo.

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