RTape Launches New Series of Instructional Videos

RTape has announced a new series of instructional videos featuring professional vinyl application techniques, tools of the trade, and an array of RTape products. The new video series provides viewers with instruction in selecting the right materials and equipment as well as recommendations in proper application technique.

“RTape is committed to providing its customers with informative content to make their jobs easier, faster and ultimately more profitable,” says John Danio, vice president of Marketing for Nekoosa Holdings. “With the addition of our instructional videos to our technical resource center, our goal is to be a leading source of information for the market.”

Five new videos have been posted on the company’s YouTube channel. The following is a description of the new videos:

Squeegee Technique. Nothing is more basic in vinyl application than the squeegee. But some squeegees work better than others. And there are right ways and wrong ways to use this simple tool. This video clip reviews squeegee selection, squeegee care and squeegee technique. Click here to view the Squeegee Technique video.

Wet Applications. Dry applications are typically recommended for most vinyl applications. For those exceptions to the rule, this instructional video explains the right way to perform a wet application. Click here to view the Wet Applications video.

Introducing AT65. Installing multiple color overlays with a paper application tape is not much easier than driving in the dark without your headlights. For these challenging applications, RTape developed its AT65, the universal high tack film. This video clip explains the features and benefits of this remarkable new film application tape. Click here to view the Introducing AT65 video.

Application of Window Graphics. Installing vinyl graphics on glass can be challenging, because the adhesive aggressively grabs onto this high energy surface. Repositioning graphics on window is generally difficult, if not impossible. This instructional video explains how to dry apply window graphics right the first time. It also describes the necessary steps required for surface preparation. Click here to view the Application of Window Graphics video.

Transferring Frosted Window Graphics Films. Because frosted window films are highly textured, transferring cut vinyl graphics can be problematic. This video provides direction in selection of the right application tape and how to apply these films quickly, easily and without problems. Click here to view the Transferring Frosted Window Graphics Films video.

A schedule of upcoming videos in the production pipeline is listed below:

Video Series Schedule (subject to change)
+ September 15, 2014: Standard Vinyl Application Over Rivets
+ October 1, 2014: 3 Step Prep for Vehicle Graphics
+ October 15, 2014: How to Tape a Screen Print Frame
+ November 1, 2014: Vinyl Application To Corrugations
+ November 15, 2014: VinylEfx Design Rules

For more information about RTape and their latest products, please visit www.rtape.com.

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