INX Digital launches New TRIANGLE® Brand ESC wide format inkjet ink

INX Digital is now commercially launching the new ESC inkjet inks. The alternative eco-solvent ink for wide format applications is the latest to join the TRIANGLE® brand roster of products and works in conjunction with the Epson Stylus® GS6000 commercial outdoor printer.

ESC proved to be very cost effective and time efficient when teamed with this printer during its testing period. Designed to meet the growing demand for alternative ink sets, it expands opportunities for use in the marketplace. ESC produces vibrant color for outdoor banners, posters, and tradeshow graphics in addition to its added value for use indoors. In line with the company's longstanding philosophy for developing greener and sustainable products, ESC offers improved Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) resistance.

"From day one in the testing process, outdoor durability has played a major role as a selling point for why customers would switch to ESC inks," said INX Digital North American Sales Manager and International Marketing Manager Susie Mendelssohn.

"TRIANGLE ESC inks have dual capability and replace a product with limited production for indoor-only applications. Switching to ESC makes more sense for a variety of reasons. On top of all the product benefits, there are plenty of outdoor opportunities to use it with. Another point is a good number of dealers have anxiously been waiting for us to make ESC available nationally. It won't be hard for anyone to locate a dealer offering these inks."

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