Digital Inks: Considering Third-Party vs. OEM Suppliers

MarabuLogoWPInferior quality, lack of technical support, void warranties, and similar types of horror stories have transcended the truth about third-party inks. With a little exploration and evaluation, you’ll find that today’s third-party inks may actually be a comparable—if not superior—alternative to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) inks.

In this white paper, we will take a look at factors that will help you make a better decision on whether to use third-party inks with your inkjet system. Topics addressed include:MarabuInks2017WP

  • The differences between third-party and OEM inks
  • Understanding manufacturer’s warranties and how they apply to third-party inks
  • How preventative maintenance can help you get more from your hardware and third-party inks

Download “Digital Inks: Considering Third-Party vs. OEM Suppliers” to learn how third-party inks are a solution worth considering for your inkjet system.