LED Modules

Cree Introduces Industry’s Highest Performing LED Module Cree, Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE) builds on its industry-leading Cree® LMH2 LED Module family with the introduction of the LMH2+, the industry’s highest performing LED module, delivering 30 percent better performance than the previous generation in the same form factor. Providing efficacy of 125 lumens per watt with color-quality greater than 90 CRI, the LMH2+ is the only LED module that allows lighting manufacturers to achieve a system efficacy of 100 lumens-per-watt with high light quality.

Outwater’s Introduces Its Color Changing Temperature Variable White LED Lighting
Incorporated into its 5/16th inch thick, UL-Approved Nova Sheet LED Backlighting Panels, Outwater’s new Color Changing Temperature (CCT) Variable White LED Lighting can be effortlessly and precisely fine-tuned from warm white to cool white (3000K-6500K)... Read More
Brightest, Fastest Replacement Option Available for LED Fluorescent Retrofits
SloanLED, leaders in LED technology, today announces the launch of SignBOX™ RapidStick™ at ISA International Sign Expo 2015. SignBOX RapidStick is the brightest and fastest option available for retrofitting fluorescent sign cabinets. SignBOX RapidStick... Read More
Cree Redefines Outdoor Lighting Performance for Rural Applications
Cree, Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE) introduces the LED Rural Utility Light (RUL) Series, designed to deliver an unprecedented combination of price, performance and quality to accelerate adoption of LED lighting across rural areas in North America. The first of... Read More
Innovations in Optics, Inc. Offers the Aurora Classic LED Line Source Illuminators
Innovations in Optics, Inc. offers the Aurora Classic LED Line Source Illuminators that offer Megalux illuminance using passive cooling. Other line lights for machine vision require water-cooling to achieve equivalent Megalux levels that the Aurora... Read More
Retro View
When channel letter signs are past their prime, sign owners have several   options. They can order an entirely new sign, or they can repair or replace only those sections where neon or fluorescent lighting has lost its luster. Or they can... Read More

What is a Backer Panel?
A backer panel is an optional feature that can help to optimize the appearance of your customer’s channel letter sign. These structures are also known as backing boards, backer plates, or simply, backers. A backer panel is basically a flat structure... Read More
The Driver's Seat
The main value proposition for LEDs over traditional lighting is two-fold: Long life expectancy that translates to saving money on replacement costs and higher illumination using less energy to lower electricity bills. Since LEDs are a solid-state... Read More
Outwater Introduces the Modern Day Rope Light!
Recognized as the most versatile and thinnest LED Ribbon Lighting on the market, Outwater has expanded this extremely popular lighting series with the introduction of its new, super bright 120V LED Ribbon Flex Lighting. With no fixtures to hide,... Read More
Constant Current LED Driver Features Ethernet Control
Innovations in Optics, Inc., introduces the Model 5000D-100 LED Driver/Controller for powering its patented Aurora™ Classic Line Source Illuminators. The 5000D-100 LED Driver provides constant current in either continuous, pulsed or PWM modes. An... Read More
New SEPCO SolarSlide Lighting "Slides" into Outdoor Energy Savings
SEPCO SolarSlide outdoor lighting are high-powered LED contemporary/transitional design solar lighting systems for outdoor area and site luminaires. There are multiple LED lamp options, interchangeable shades, domes, and poles. Custom solar-power designs... Read More


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