LED Modules

Duke Energy Building LEDs in Colorful Change To create an even greater, “wow!” effect, animate your Plexineon design from iLight Technologies with a DMX system. This 80-by-80-foot art piece, Quadrille, uses over 1,000 feet of various Plexineon colors (Red, Magenta, Orange, Green, Blue, and 2X White 3500k) and is 200 feet in the air on the side of the Duke Energy Building in Charlotte, North Carolina. Distinct programmed animations are randomly selected so that a commuter never sees the same animation at the same time on subsequent days.

Larson Electronics Releases a Portable, Rechargeable LED Task Lighting System
Longtime leader in commercial and industrial grade lighting equipment Larson Electronics has announced the release of a portable LED task light that provides a rechargeable, portable lighting solution for applications where power is not readily... Read More
Colorful Options
When passing by a colorfully accented sign, bright store canopy, or dramatically highlighted building at night, take a closer look at the lighting. If it’s a recent build or retrofit, odds are that those are LEDs catching your eye. “LEDs are helping... Read More
Halco Lighting Technologies Introduces Three New IP65 Rated Lamps
Halco Lighting Technologies introduces three new IP65 rated LED lamps to their ProLED line. IP65 rated lamps are rated for use outdoors where exposed directly to water from rain or irrigation. Two LED JC lamps and an LED wedge base 912 lamp add to the... Read More
New SolarDDL Dusk-To-Dawn LED Area Light Generates, Stores Its Own Power
SEPCO™ SolarDDL Dusk-to-Dawn LED is a solar-powered pole- or wall-mounted LED lighting unit that provide crisp white, ultra long-lasting light precisely where needed, at motorist and pedestrian levels. SEPCO SolarDDL Dusk-to-Dawn LED is solar-powered at... Read More
Halco Lighting Technologies Introduces New ProLED Commercial MR16 Series
Halco Lighting Technologies introduces the ProLED Commercial MR16 Series. These GU5.3 base LED lamps provide improved efficiency by lowering wattage consumption and increasing light output. These seven additions to the MR16 family adds to the impressive... Read More

Keystone Technologies Supplies LED Tubes to United Nations Building
The United Nations Headquarters in New York City recently took action to reduce their carbon footprint by upgrading to energy efficient LED lighting. Keystone Technologies got the call for the interior lighting project that required 5,000 LED... Read More
Halco Lighting Technologies Introduces New HID Retrofit 20 Watt LED Lamp
Halco Lighting Technologies introduces the newest addition to its HID Retrofit Series of LED lamps. The new 20-watt lamp joins the current HID retrofit product line that features 36-watt, 45-watt, and 54-watt versions. The new 2100 lumen, 20 watt lamp is... Read More
Daytona International Speedway Lights New Identification Sign
Daytona International Speedway (DIS) held a special ceremony Tuesday night to officially light its new identification sign as part of the $400 million DAYTONA Rising project. Members of the France family helped light the 355-foot sign. Before... Read More
Larson Electronics Releases 37.5 KVA 480 Volt Single Phase to 120 Volt Single Phase Power Distribution System
Longtime leading supplier of explosion proof and industrial grade lighting equipment Larson Electronics announced the release of a 37.5 KVA power distribution panel system that converts 480 volts AC single phase to 120 volts AC single phase. The... Read More
Keystone Technologies Introduces T5HO LED Tubes
Keystone Technologies continues to expand their line of LED tubes with the introduction of T5HO LED tubes. The new T5HO LED tubes provide exceptional lumen levels, but consume half the power of fluorescent tubes. “Keystone is leading the way with LED... Read More



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