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Larson Electronics Releases a 4000-watt Five-stage Light Mast The LM-30-8-5S-4X1000W-EW-SM-RD five-stage telescoping light mast with electric winch from Larson Electronics is designed to quickly and safely deploy 4,000 watts of intense lighting in locations where elevated illumination is needed for maximum area coverage. This mast is equipped with four 1000-watt metal halide lamps that produce a wide spread of intense lighting, allowing this unit to effectively cover large work areas with high quality illumination.

NCCCO Joins Coalition Calling on OSHA to Fix Crane Operator Certification Requirements
The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) has joined nine other leading construction industry organizations to call on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to correct and reissue long-awaited crane... Read More
IPAF Releases Half-Year Results for Accident Reporting Project
There were 23 fatalities worldwide involving mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs), also known as aerial work platforms (AWPs), in the first half of 2014, according to findings from IPAF’s accident database. The main causes of these fatalities were:... Read More
Three-stage Telescoping Light Mast Mounted Single-axle Trailer with Wheels
The LM-30-3S-EW-TLR produced by Larson Electronics features a rotating boom that allows for 360° of rotation, a removable mast head for storing mounted equipment when not in use, and an easy fold over assembly for transportation and storing. The entire... Read More
Speakers Finalized for IPAF North American Convention
Cordelia Clarke Julien, Director, Training and Safety Programs, Prevention Office, Ontario Ministry of Labor, will speak at the IPAF North American Convention that will be held on October 1 and 2, 2014 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She will discuss what... Read More
Jack Doheny Companies forms Specialty Equipment Division
Founded in 1974, Jack Doheny Companies is one of the world's largest environmental equipment dealer organizations, selling, renting, and servicing a broad portfolio of vacuum trucks and infrastructure inspection equipment. With seventeen locations in the... Read More

Twenty-foot Telescoping Light Mast with 360° Rotating Capabilities
Industrial lighting specialists Larson Electronics have announced the release of a twenty-foot telescoping light mast with 360° rotating capabilities and electric winches for ease of operation. The LM-20-EW is a fold over light mast that provides a safe... Read More
A Toast to a Successful Install
Sometimes one thing can lead to another—especially when it comes to sign fabrication. Just ask Andy Serrato, second-generation owner of custom sign manufacturer & installer Serrato Signs, LLC in Worcester, Massachusetts. What started out as a simple... Read More
NCCCO Launches Boom Truck Operator Certification Program
The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) made available the first phase of a new CCO certification program specifically designed for boom truck operators. The new CCO Boom Truck—Fixed Cab (BTF) operator certification is... Read More
Sicklesteel Cranes Donates 20,000 Calculators for Use on CCO Exams
In support of the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators’ policy of providing calculators for certain CCO written exams, Sicklesteel Cranes (Mt. Vernon, WA) has donated 20,000 calculators for candidates’ use. Basic calculators... Read More
CCO Certified: 100,000 and Counting
CCO certification reached a historic milestone last month when the 100,000th person to be certified through the nationally accredited program since its launch in April 1996 received his certification card. Because operators often hold certifications... Read More



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