Grace Outdoor & Watchfire

Grace Outdoor recently installed two digital billboards manufactured by Watchfire Digital Outdoor. The billboards are E-16mms, in 10-foot-by-36-foot board and 14-foot-by-48-foot sizes. The displays are located along busy interstates in South Carolina. 

“It is gratifying to work with repeat customers, like Grace Outdoor, who are committed to creatively using digital billboards for the benefit of their customers,” said Darrin Friskney, director of Watchfire. “We are excited to see Watchfire expanding in the Lexington, S.C. market.”

Advertisers on the new billboards include business services, restaurants, retailers, and the state lottery. Grace Outdoor CEO Hal Stevenson credits his success to his ability to bring innovative ideas to his advertisers that deliver greater value.



2015 Winter/Spring Buyer's Guide


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