Sign Industry Considers NovAcryl® ADA-Compliant Signage as Artwork

In a recent poll of sign industry professionals including sign fabricators and architectural designers, NovAcryl® Designer Series photopolymer, the leading substrate for ADA braille and accessible room identification signage, was considered to be artwork rather than wayfinding signage. The poll reinforces the company's description of its NovAcryl® sign fabrication material as the "Designer Series" since signs can be fabricated from a very diverse range of substrates available allowing for unlimited artistic design.

"We're pleased the sign community views NovAcryl as artwork. NovAcryl Designer Series has the most diverse range of substrates available allowing for unlimited design while being environmentally responsible," said Mike Santos, director of Sales and Product Development for Nova Polymers.

Over 90 percent of the respondents to the "Signage or Art... You Decide" poll conducted on Facebook considered signs fabricated with NovAcryl® Designer Series photopolymer to be artwork. NovAcryl® broadly expands the selection of colors, patterns, textures and finishes available for sign fabrication. NovAcryl® also addresses the need for more environmentally-conscious creative sign solutions for the architectural design and sign fabrication industry.

NovAcryl® ECR for example, is a unique sign material processed in plain tap water and bonds to 3-form's EcoResin panels, which are non-toxic and have up to 40 percent recycled content. 3form® is recognized worldwide for innovative materials offered to architects and designers.

Nova Polymers is the largest manufacturer and distributor of photopolymer sign products in the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Australia.



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