A Popular Gemini Product is Now Fully UL Listed

Gemini's Fabricated Stainless Steel Letters are now available as a ready-to-install product with a full UL Listing. This means that Gemini Fabricated Stainless Steel letters come complete with wiring diagrams, installation instructions, and a UL label attesting to their Fully UL Listed status.  This not only means sign companies have assurance that these products meet all UL specifications, but it will also translate to lower installation costs.

Gemini Stainless Steel Fabricated Letters are ideal for retail or other areas where high-end quality fabrication is an absolute must. With lead-free solder and crisp 90-degree edges, Gemini Fabricated Letters offer the technical specifications required of such letters with the utmost in beauty and quality.

Gemini's Fabricated products are still available with or without LEDs as UL Recognized components, suitable for use with low-voltage LED systems.



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