Bird-B-Gone, Inc. introduces Super Talon Ultra Net Launcher

Bird-B-Gone, Inc., the world's leading manufacturer of bird control products, has announced their newest pest bird control product: the Super Talon Ultra Net Launcher. This heavy-duty, hand-held net launcher is used to capture pest birds for later release. The Super Talon Ultra Net Launcher is made in the U.S.A. and comes as part of a kit, complete with multiple nets for convenient and efficient operation.

The Super Talon Ultra Net Launcher does not harm birds, but instead captures them so they can be released later, outside of the unwanted area. The Net Launcher is ideal for preventing pest birds of all sizes from entering locations such as warehouses, food production sites, and big box stores. At just over two pounds, the Net Launcher can propel the capture net up to 60 feet away. The net included in the kit is a two inch mesh; additional sizes are available for wildlife control.

The Super Talon Ultra Net Launcher is comprised of everything needed for successful operation of the Net Launcher, including the firing handle, air cartridges, and multiple nets. Designed with grapples that wrap the net around bird, the Net Launcher captures birds humanely and can be used multiple times.

The Super Talon Ultra Net Launcher is a humane and efficient method of bird and wildlife control, used by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, county zoos, and the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.



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