Outwater Augments Its Line of Extrusions

Outwater [Outwater Plastics Industries, Inc. + Architectural Products by Outwater, LLC] was founded as a brick and mortar company in August 1972 on the premise, although simple, to provide small and midsized furniture and cabinet manufacturers with a reliable source from whom they could purchase plastic extrusions in the amounts that reflected their actual requirements rather than the often substantial minimum quantities that were and continue to be dictated by numerous products and parts manufacturers.

Today Outwater, the largest stocking distributor of plastic, aluminum and stainless steel extrusions in the United States, stocks over 10,000,000 feet of ready-to-ship extrusions, available in an extensive selection of flexible, semi-rigid and rigid material profiles in a vast array of sizes and colors.

In order to meet its customers’ mounting requirements for specialty application extrusions, Outwater has augmented its line for 2013 with the introduction of new profiles, colors and materials along with a host of available cutting, packing and shipping options (Listed A-J).

A) In House Engineering & Custom Tool Design:

With Outwater’s in house tooling capabilities and exceptional network of affiliated production partners, the company has the largest library of profile tooling available in the industry, enabling it to provide custom profile extrusions without the high cost and delay of having to fabricate new tooling.

Outwater’s in-house engineers can readily assist with the design and production of cost effective custom profile extrusions up to and exceeding twelve inches in width, manufactured to the most exacting tolerances in a multitude of available materials and colors.

B) Color/Finish Matching:

Outwater works with the most advanced color labs and production facilities in the world, and can duplicate or create plastic extrusions in almost any shape, color, tint, tone, transparency or translucency.

Outwater Extrusions CC) Plastic Extrusion Materials:

Outwater manufactures plastic extrusions in a broad range of materials to best suit the requirements of the application in which the extrusions are intended for use.

+ ABS (Acrylonitrile Budadiene Styrene): Rigid material. Good scuff resistance. Good for low temperature performance.  Good for color matching.

+ Acrylic: Rigid, clear material with high clarity. Good weather resistance. Can be modified for extra strength.

+ Butyrate (Cellulose Acetate Butyrate): Semi-rigid, clear material with excellent clarity and high gloss.  Good for color matching. Can be modified for good weatherability.

+ Flexible PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride): Flexible material. Good abrasion resistance. Self healing with good weatherability. Good for color matching. Available in finishes from matte to high gloss.

+ Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE, LDPE): Flexible material. Tough. Good for low temperature performance.  Good for color matching.  Semi-gloss finish.

+ PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol): Rigid, clear material with high clarity. Good impact resistance.

+ Styrene (HIPS): Rigid, clear material. Cost effective. Good for color matching. Can be foamed.

+ Rigid PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride): Rigid material. Available in clear or colors. High impact resistance. Good abrasion and chemical resistance.  Self extinguishing.

+ Polypropylene: Semi-rigid material. High strength. Good for low temperature performance. Good for color matching.  Available in FDA approved grades. Great for use in hinges.

+ TEP (Thermo Plastic Elastomers): Very flexible material. Available only in colors. Good performance in a wide range of temperatures.

+ Polycarbonate: Rigid, clear material with very high clarity. Lightweight with excellent strength. Good for color matching.

+ Polyurethane: Flexible to semi-rigid material. Available in clear and colors. Good abrasion and chemical resistance. Can be foamed.

+ Nylon: Rigid material. Excellent wear and abrasion resistance. Good performance in a wide range of temperatures.

+ Styrolux (Styrene  Butadiene Copolymers): Semi-rigid, clear material with excellent clarity and high gloss. Cost effective.Good impact resistance.

D) Aluminum & Stainless Steel Extrusion Materials:

Outwater offers aluminum and stainless steel extrusions in a wide variety of stocked and custom anodized and powder coated finishes in almost any color along with wood grain, marble and faux finishes.

+ Aluminum: 6063 T5 provides good extrudability with a high quality finish and offers some corrosion resistant properties.

+ Stainless Steel: 430 grade is magnetic. Added chromium provides corrosion-resistant properties.

E) Inline Application of Tape:

Whereby many stocked plastic extrusions are available with rubber based, foam or adhesive tape, if required, Outwater can apply adhesive tape either supplied by the customer or by Outwater to small quantities of select extrusions not manufactured with adhesive tape. Costs will vary by product, material, and quantity.

F) Cutting:

Outwater offers standard, non-standard, high tolerance secondary and inline cutting options for its plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel extrusions.

+ Standard Cuts:

Standard Cuts are utilized to reduce freight costs by cutting extrusions to specific sized lengths of 6-by-6 feet, 8-by-4 feet, or 4-by-4 feet with a (+/- 1-inch) tolerance for UPS or FedEx Ground shipments. Costs start at $5.00 per order, but will vary by quantity and material.

+ Non-Standard Cuts:

Non-Standard Cuts are required when cutting extrusions to specific sized lengths with a (+/- 1-inch) tolerance that do not conform to the cut sizes listed in Standard Cuts. Cuts must be made in full inch increments and may not exceed more than one cut per length, noting that cut lengths may or may not meet UPS or FedEx shipping requirements. Costs start at $5.00 per order, but will vary by quantity and material.

+ High Tolerance Secondary Cuts:

High Tolerance Secondary Cuts are suited for immediate jobsite use when cutting extrusions to specific sized lengths with a defined (+/- 1/32-inch to 1/8-inch) tolerance that do not conform to the cut sizes or tolerances listed in either Standard Cuts or Non-Standard Cuts. Cuts can be made in any quantity per length to different specified sizes and may or may not meet UPS or FedEx shipping requirements. Costs and tolerances will vary by product, material, and quantity of cuts. 

+ Inline Cuts:

Inline Cuts are utilized for extrusions that are custom extruded with the highest tolerances to the customer’s specified lengths and are most cost effective for those requiring minimum quantity production runs of 5,000 feet or greater. Costs and tolerances will vary by profile and material.

Outwater Extrusions BG) Bagging, Pack Out & Kitting:

Outwater can bag, pack out, and kit items to specific requirements in poly bags or boxes together with the customer’s extrusion order (which may include the customer’s literature, instructions or other products provided or purchased by the customer). Costs will vary.

H) Drop Shipping:

Outwater can drop ship on behalf of the customer to single or multiple locations either with or without Outwater’s name or address (Blind Shipping) to meet the customer’s requirements.

I) Stock Extrusion Profiles:

Outwater’s range of stock extrusions include tee and bumper mouldings, accent mouldings, acrylic rods & tubes, adhesive trim mouldings, angle mouldings, divider mouldings, banner mouldings, baseboard & carpet mouldings, cap mouldings, chair edgeguards, u-channel mouldings, cladding, clamp mouldings, corner channel mouldings, cove mouldings, crib mouldings, decorative & flat trims, z-bar, display system extrusions, sliding door track mouldings, double spline, dust seals, edgebanding, plastic frame mouldings, half round trims, hanging file folder mouldings, hinges, magnetic mouldings, mirror mouldings, panel joiner & retainer mouldings, table beading, picture frame mouldings, pilasters, sign & poster holder mouldings, price tag mouldings, PVC rods, store fixture mouldings, shelf edging, slatwall, and other highly specialized extrusions, and mouldings.

J) Tools:

Outwater offers complementary extrusion installation tools comprising air hammers, cutters and clippers, edge trimmers, moulding blades, notchers, and pneumatic nailers.

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