Outwater: PVC American Pro-Vinyl Exterior Mouldings

Outwater’s [Outwater Plastics Industries, Inc. + Architectural Products by Outwater, LLC] newly expanded line of premium quality U.S. manufactured American Pro-Vinyl Exterior Mouldings comes in a broad selection of popular profiles, styles and architecturally accurate sizes that can transform ordinary unembellished houses into majestic, beautiful homes. Thoroughly cost competitive when compared with overseas produced exterior mouldings, Outwater’s American Pro-Vinyl Exterior Mouldings are ready to install utilizing traditional techniques and tools.

Guaranteed to enhance the quality of any new construction or renovation project without the high purchase and installation costs often associated with other types of exterior mouldings, Outwater’s American Pro-Vinyl Exterior Mouldings offer further advantages, making their selection for use even more attractive.

Comprising UV-stabilized cellular PVC, Outwater’s American Pro-Vinyl Exterior Mouldings are not only impervious to moisture, insects, and adverse climate conditions, but they also provide superior dimensional stability and have greater insulation properties than wood or cement exterior mouldings. Outwater’s American Pro-Vinyl Exterior Mouldings will not split, crack, splinter, or rot; and because they do not require painting, they are well suited for use without any necessary follow-up maintenance.

Outwater’s American Pro-Vinyl Exterior Mouldings are available in bright white sixteen-foot lengths, and can be easily cut for UPS shipping.



2015 Winter/Spring Buyer's Guide


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