Outwater's New Decorative Stamped Steel Ceiling Panels

Outwater Plastics Industries Inc. + Architectural Products by Outwater, LLC has turned back the clock with its expanded offering of finely crafted, highly detailed tin-free Decorative Stamped Steel Ceiling Panels and Cornices.

Having combined the perfect mix of both texture and nostalgia with the timeless elegance and decorative grandeur of the past, Outwater’s Decorative Stamped Steel Ceiling Panels and Cornices enliven traditional and contemporary fashions alike by providing charm and beauty to any room with a variety of historically accurate and modern designs from which to choose.

Manufactured of 30-gauge .010-inch-thick non-combustible, tin-free steel, Outwater’s Decorative Stamped Ceiling Panels are available in nearly forty different designs as two-by-two-foot Lay-In and two-by-four-foot Nail-Up formats with complementary four-foot Cornices for easy installation using traditional nail-up and suspension methods. For additional authenticity, Steel Cone Headed Nails are available for nail-up applications along with Filler Panels, Hold Down Clips and Snap-On Matching Grid Covers for 15/16-inch T-Bar Suspension Grid Systems.

Shipped uncoated, Outwater’s Decorative Stamped Ceiling Panels and Cornices are chromium-treated for superior paint retention and are also offered in white painted or brass, copper, chrome or lacquer plated finishes. When properly coated, Outwater’s Decorative Stamped Ceiling Panels and Cornices require little if any maintenance, and can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

To improve room acoustics and sound dynamics, Outwater’s two-by-two-foot Decorative Stamped Ceiling Panels can be custom-ordered in a perforated format, which will help to absorb and attenuate noise and echoes.

Outwater Stamped Ceiling 2Think Green! Build Green! In addition to Decorative Stamped Steel Ceiling Panels and Cornices, Outwater's enhanced selection of Recycled Unfinished Stamped Steel Ceiling Panels and Cornices comprise 30 percent recycled materials.  Offered in numerous period correct designs, Outwater's Recycled Unfinished Stamped Steel Ceiling Panels are available as two-by-two-foot Lay-In or Nail-Up panels.

For the look of a coffered ceiling at a mere fraction of the cost of custom coffering, Outwater also presents its updated line of highly ornate, one-and-a-half-inch-deep recessed two-by-two-foot, two-by-four-foot, one-by-two-foot, and one-by-one-foot Lay-In and Nail-Up Stamped Steel Coffered Ceiling Panels.

Furthermore Outwater offers Thermoplastic PVC Ceiling Panels, Versa Tile High Density Polyurethane Ceiling Panels, Ornamental Plaster Ceiling Panels, Laminated Rigid Vinyl Ceiling Panels, Acrylic Ceiling Panels and MirroFlex Light Diffuser Ceiling Panels for use in residential and commercial renovations as well as new construction applications alike.

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