Offers Portable Outdoor Cone Sign has been hard at work expanding the line of available exterior signage solutions again. This new outdoor cone sign provides the perfect means to highlight parking, directional information, and even some business advertisements. The lightweight design and simple yet durable construction allow any user to easily set up or transport the unit. In fact, the whole assembly is comprised of just three pieces that screw together, so erecting the sign can be completed in a matter of minutes. When overhead signage just isn't cutting it, many merchants and establishment owners add a forecourt display, such as this outdoor cone sign, to supplement existing fixtures.

"Rather than a metal or wooden makeup like some models, this sign system is crafted from polyethylene," says Sandra Reno, a merchandising consultant at SidewalkSigns2Go. "The rugged plastic is designed to last outdoors without chipping, splintering, or rusting."

In addition to a simplistic and easily constructed layout, the outdoor cone sign is equipped with a built in handle. At only 4 lbs. without water and 16 lbs. when full, the display is effortlessly relocated or repositioned. The signage panel itself measures 13" x 15" and is dual sided. This bi-directional configuration helps ensure that every passerby takes notice of the exhibited information. The unit does not include any signage; however, the surface is commonly outfitted with custom printed posters or vinyl lettering.

"The unit also features a fillable base," continues Reno. "Sand or water is typically added to ensure stability, even in moderate weather conditions."



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