Walls + Forms Offers Large Selection of Components

Walls + Forms, Inc, now offers a large selection of components for applications as vast as one’s imagination. They are ideally suited for users and/or producers of fixture displays. Walls + Forms produces them in a wide range of styles, sizes, materials, and colors/finishes and can even manufacture them custom to meet individual needs.

Walls + Forms components are used by a broad base of retail environments including gift shops, kitchen/bath showrooms, lawn/garden showrooms, wireless stores, furniture centers and much more. They are popular with chains and franchisors and can be seen in displays throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

Components from Walls + Forms include all-purpose wood moldings crafted from solid commercial grade poplar hardwood used in the construction of furniture, store displays, P-O-P displays, and exhibits. Walls + Forms knows the need for consistency when designing and fabricating store displays, retail store fixtures, and furniture

CornerFits are co-extrusions manufactured by combing rigid and soft plastic to enable the profile to be structural while maintaining an easy panel “friction fit panel connection.” They are pressure fit fastening profiles for 1/2-inch and 5/8-inch substrates including foam board, Sintra, Honeycomb, acrylic, and others. CornerFits are used in the construction of point of purchase displays, retail floor fixture, graphic stands, overhead signs and more.

CubeConnects are fastening profiles to assemble 3/4-inch panels into cubes of various shapes. CubeConnect profiles can be used to construct counter tops, floor displays and other displays, cubes, octagons, rectangles, triangles, and more.

Corner Forms are patented two part fastening system that can be used to construct exhibits, graphic back drops, floor displays, and hundreds of other construction applications. ¼” and ½” Corner Forms fastening profiles can be used for 1/4-inch- or 1/2-inch-thick substrates including MDF, foam board, honeycomb, and other substrates. Meanwhile 3/4-inch panel fastening Corner Forms are ideally suited for Slatwall, Gridwall, Slatgrid, and most 3/4-inch-thick substrates.

Walls + Forms also produces six styles of virtually indestructible, lightweight polymer plastic, wood plastic, and MDF slatwall panels. They include 3/4-inch-thick, heavy duty 1-1/4-inch on center grooves, 3/4-inch- & 5/8-inch-thick, standard panels with 3-inch on center grooves, and 5/8-inch-thick, economy 1-1/4-inch on center grooves. They even have peg panels, double-sided plastic slatwall, and rigid foam slatwall.

Walls + Forms also offers aluminium profiles for the construction of displays, exhibits, privacy rooms, shelving, signs, kiosks and more. They include Edge Caps, Kerf Caps, ‘Fin’ Kerf Caps, Bull Nose Profiles, Corner Posts, Three-Way Posts, Door Frame Moldings, Rectangle Profiles - "A" Stand Legs, and Tube Profiles.

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