Scopic Display for Applications as Vast as One’s Imagination

Walls + Forms, Inc. recently introduced Scopic™, a versatile, modular display system offering an eye-catching solution for a wide range of brand and retail display requirements. It telescopes to provide maximum flexibility in height and width to cater to all store environments and in-store policy restrictions. This allows a greater engagement with the consumer.

Scopic can be configured to accommodate almost any display requirement. It features components including “freestanding” poles with low-profile (heavy-duty) bases to suit available in-store retail space. Cross rails are available to suspend merchandising accessories like posters and pricing boards; they can also be bridged between two or more poles. In addition, when using an inner and outer Cross Rail, displays can telescope horizontally enabling the display footprint to expand or contract as required.

Applications run the gamut from pallet and bulk product displays to posters, exhibitions, and window displays. Other applications include: shelf, wall, and aisle floor displays; dump bin displays; gift card displays; and ceiling displays. It offers solutions for retailers in gaming, home entertainment, food and beverage, auto, pet, pharmacy, grocery, convenience store, hardware, clothing and footwear, real estate, sports and recreation, electronics, tool, and additional retail applications as vast as your imagination.

Scopic enables you to customize your system to suit your requirements. This system enables you to incorporate existing graphics and maintain continuity of your merchandising campaign. A small footprint allows merchandising in tight spaces thus maximizing your ROI for valuable floor space.

The Scopic system is ready to go—there is no need for professional installers. It is pre-packaged into “ready to assemble” kits with the necessary tools and easy to follow instructions which minimizes installation time and labor costs. It is made of anodized aluminum and is compact and light weight. It’s ability to telescope enables you to ship it flat and transport it with ease.




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