Tex Visions Introduces New Bamboo Displays

In an effort to expand upon its practice of manufacturing products in an eco-friendly manner, Tex Visions introduced Bamboo Displays, a completely eco-friendly product line.

For the Bamboo Displays product line, Tex Visions took its best-selling products and gave them an eco-friendly makeover. Constructed of bamboo, the displays are lightweight, sturdy, and dependable for heavy reuse. Additionally, no tools are required for assembly of the Bamboo Displays.

Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource, meaning that it can be replenished by nature in a short time. And, according to the Environmental Bamboo Foundation, bamboo has a tensile strength superior to mild steel (withstanding up to 52,000lbs of pressure psi) and a weight-to-strength ration surpassing that of graphite making it the strongest growing plant on earth.

Three of Tex Visions’ display products are available in the new Bamboo Displays product line: X-Display, Literature Stand, and Roll Up. These models have the same features as the original products, but are made of bamboo to be more environmentally friendly. The bamboo gives the products a wood-like appearance, providing customers with a display that looks both attractive and professional.



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