Digital Press Availability & Actual Production Study

The Spencerlab Digital Color Laboratory is pleased to announce the release of its updated Digital Press Availability & Actual Production Study. The results of a fifth commercial press evaluation have been incorporated into a previously released white paper. The report update is available by free download at

The successful testing of an additional press demonstrates the applicability of spencerlab’s previ­ously tested methodology, training, and data acquisition process to different press makes, models, and workflows. This unique methodology measures the press time spent generating sellable prints and not just uptime.

“As more and more presses are evaluated using compa­rable metrics, the results become increasingly valuable. Analysis, supported by quantitative data, provides an op­portunity to identify bottlenecks and improve produc­tivity and ROI,” said David Spencer, President/CEO of spencerlab. “We are pleased to have developed a method­ology that measures and analyzes print shop data. This would be beneficial to anyone who is looking to identify areas of opportunity to improve their asset utilization.”

The previous implementation of Availability benchmarking evaluated four commercial presses, the Xerox iGen4, an HP Indigo 5500, an HP Indigo 7000, and an HP Indigo 7500. The updated white paper, commissioned by Xerox, continued the study with the evaluation of an HP Indigo 7600. Among these evaluated commercial presses, the Xerox iGen4 continued to maintain the highest machine Availability, notably outperforming all of the HP Indigos, as detailed in the white paper.

Celebrating more than two decades of industry service, Spencer & AssociatesPublishing, Ltd. has earned an international reputation for expertise in Color Print Quality and Consumable Yield/Cost-per-Print. SpencerLAB Digital Color Laboratory, its independent test division, is recognized as a leader in unbiased, third-party digital image testing. Leading vendors also rely on spencerLAB to pro­vide Throughput Speed Performance, Cost-per-Print, Reliability benchmarking, and Availability metrics for a wide variety of printing technologies—inkjet, laser/LED, thermal, and photographic, to name a few. SpencerLAB provides leadership in quantitative and qualitative comparisons—test and evaluation services, focus group management, compliance certifications, benchmark test software/hardware, and custom consulting.

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