Drytac Laminates Offer Outdoor Durability

Drytac®’s Interlam Pro line of pressure-sensitive laminates are rated outdoor durable for three years.

Composed of a premium water-based acrylic adhesive coated on a UV stabilized PVC vinyl base film for conformability, finish, and durability. Interlam Pro laminates have excellent resistance to UV light and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.  Available in widths of 38 inches (965mm), 51 inches (1300mm), and 61 inches (1550mm).

Finishes include:

  • Interlam Pro Glossy-- a glossy finish that provides UV protection for indoor and outdoor graphics. Great for high-volume photographic prints, POP displays, promotional displays, and event signage.
  • Interlam Pro Lustre --­­ a low-sheen film that reduces undesirable surface glare while providing a luster finish. Effective for high-volume photographic prints, POP displays, architectural renderings, promotional displays, and event signage.
  • Interlam Pro Matte™ -- a dead matte finish is recommended for applications requiring a non-glare finish while maintaining color contrast and detail. Recommended for displays and signage that will be viewed under direct lighting.
  • Interlam Pro Emerytex®-- ideal for floor graphics or graphics where extensive handling may be involved. It’s scuff-resistant, pebble texture is recommended for floor graphics, tradeshow graphics, mouse pads, and other signage where a durable finish is required.



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