Dscoop8: New Marketing & Creative Track Announced

In an effort of continued investment in its members, Dscoop is proud to introduce a new “marketing and creative” educational series at this year’s Dscoop8 conference, “Spark”. This innovative track is designed to further educate creatives and graphic designers that work with Dscoop member companies both internally and externally. Additionally the sessions are meant to show how award-winning creative sales tools designed can help in delivering higher ROI and impact.

Dscoop Members are encouraged to bring their in-house design teams and designers they work with to attend Dscoop 8. This new track offers designers and marketers an opportunity to gain knowledge that will help “Spark” creativity and drive new ideas. “I am excited to attend again this year and continue to expand my knowledge into the digital arena,” said Jackie Marthaler, creative manager at GLS Companies, "With the new HP Indigo offerings, design possibilities are enhanced and I look forward to bringing new ideas back to my creative team and clients.”

Offering robust education is the cornerstone of Dscoop 8. This conference provides not only unique learning opportunities but is also the ideal setting for attendees to connect with colleagues and learn new approaches, ideas, and inspiration for growing their business. Members engage in unparalleled learning and networking opportunities at the conference.

“Year after year, I’m impressed with the education that Dscoop offers at the annual conference. There’s always something for everyone,” said Chris Hyde, owner of Cipher Creative Group. “This new marketing and creative track is a welcomed edition and is a wonderful way to further engage the specific audience of creative people. This education will be beneficial to not only designers, but all the members of the team that work interactively.”

The new track is just one of seven education tracks offered for learning opportunities. Session examples include:

Business and Sales:
+ High Margin Selling: How To Win Larger Customers With Less Discounting
+ Selling to Gen Y and Across Generations
+ Why Big Brands are Seeking More Sustainable Print—And What You Can Do About It

Selling Marketing Services
+ Social Marketing in Print: A New Dawn
+Start with Kindling: A Manual for Building a Cross-Media Communication Company

Marketing & Creative:
+ Beautiful Design, Now Let's Change Everything! Using Variable Data to Produce Measurable Results
+ Designers: The Best Kept Secret for Successful Selling is in YOUR Hands
+ How’d You Do That? Producing Innovative Designs that Work

Photo Business:
Developing Creation Software for Your Business
New Life for Photo Prints: AgX Replacement
Mobile & Social Media Photo Merchandise Printing

Label & Packaging:
How to Beat the Competition Tips and Tricks for Success
+ Attract Customers Through Successful Marketing Strategies
+ Unleash the Power of a Digital Workflow

Grand Format:
Does Your Financial Performance Meaure UP?
Endless Possibilities with Latex & UV
Digital Wall Décor

Operations Sessions:
Automation- From Your Customers' Desktop to Their Doorstep
Achieving Success in a Hybrid Digital and Offset Operation
The Professional vs. Consumer Photo Book Market

Sessions are open to all Dscoop Members, and attendees can participate in all one track or mix and match sessions based on needs or interests.

More details about Dscoop8, including the schedule, can be found at www.dscoop8.org.



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