Global Imaging Sells Largest Zünd Cutter in the U.S.

Global Imaging has sold the largest Zünd cutter in the United States to Seattle-based Rainier Industries, an in-store display company.

“Our new 10-foot wide Zünd enables us to produce superior products in both the retail and high volume large format printing market and expands our capabilities in architectural signage and environmental graphics,” said Scott Powell, director of Marketing & Creative Services. “Compared to our previous 5-foot-by-10-foot cutters, we’ve seen a three times increase in speed on rigid materials and a six times increase in the number of banners per hour we can cut.”

The cutter, which was installed in April of this year, is a Zünd High Performance Cutter G3 3XL-3200 with a working area of 126 inches-by-126 inches. Its capabilities include everything from fabrication to finishing on a variety of substrates such as rigid, vinyl, fabric and foam core. It was installed with almost every tool Zünd makes. Some of their tool capabilities include; V cutting, Braille, kiss cutting, routing and rotary knife cutting for fabric and mesh.

“This is currently the only 10-foot Zünd in the country with this level of capabilities,” said Greg Lamb, CEO of Global Imaging. “Its speed and versatility make it a perfect choice for Rainier’s comprehensive range of projects. It can accommodate the needs of their diverse customer base from interior display work to big stadium graphics.”

“We want to be able to take in every job that comes in the door,” Powell said. “More and more we’re seeing demand for unique, customized, contour cut shapes. The precision cutting, speed, and wide ranging capabilities that Zünd provides, allows us to give our customers excellent results.”



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