Hingst’s Sign Post: Heat Transfers on Neoprene

Sign Builder Illustrated Contributor Jim Hingst writes: “The other day, I was asked if you can apply heat transfer material to a neoprene swimsuit and what type of material is recommended for this application. We conducted heat pressing tests on this fabric using our SEF FlexCut Sticky™ and Tatoo™ products.

“Prior to WWII, the DuPont company developed neoprene. It is a water-resistant, closed-cell synthetic rubber. It is used for a variety of applications, such as wet suits, gloves, cozies, vehicle seat covers, cell foam covers, mouse pads and laptop sleeves.

“Neoprene is a tough material that withstands acids, caustics and solvents. Best yet, for heat transfer applications, neoprene withstands high heat.  In heat pressings, some shops have subjected neoprene materials to temperatures as hot as 400⁰F (204⁰C).  That means that all of the applications that I listed in the previous paragraph can be identified with a company logo or personalized with the owner’s name and favorite graphics.”

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