PrinterEvolution Supports SGP as Silver Patron

Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), a non-profit organization providing sustainability certification in the graphic communications industry,  announces the Silver Patron support of PrinterEvolution. PrinterEvolution is a Colorado-based wide and grand format printer manufacturer of pioneering innovative products. The company recognizes the importance of increasing sustainability within the printing industry and views SGP as a valuable resource in this effort.

"PrinterEvolution's patronage reflects the company's prioritization of sustainability," states Paul Lilienthal, Chair, SGP Board of Directors. "By aligning with SGP, it shows strong leadership and support for facilities working to embrace this movement."  

PrinterEvolution believes sustainability to be both an opportunity and an obligation in today's printing industry. Sustainability plays a significant role in print service and product selection, and through its products, PrinterEvolution seeks to help print facilities incorporate sustainability into their businesses.

PrinterEvolution's Evo-33 DS printer exemplifies the company's dedication to promoting sustainable, affordable options to the grand format printing community. The innovative textile printer is an upgraded version of an existing grand format printer, complete with water-based dye sublimation inks instead of toxic solvent inks. On average, the Evo-33 DS uses 30-50 percent less ink than similar printers. Additionally, the inks set without the aid of excessive heat or mercury-filled UV lamps, minimizing energy expenditure and ozone generation.  

“We are committed to offering business owners products with visible value propositions that also meet their environmental initiatives,” says Greg Lamb, founder of PrinterEvolution. “Our products have higher and better performance attributes at less cost, more efficiency, and reduced waste.”



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