SoftRIP Certified for HP Designjet Printers

Wasatch SoftRIP is fully certified for the HP Designjet L26500 and L28500 printers under the HP RIP Certification Program. Only third-party companies that have demonstrated conformance with HP's set of compatibility criteria are awarded HP Designjet L26500 and L28500 certified status.

Certification tests for the HP Designjet L26500 and L28500 printers include printing performance, calibration using embedded spectrophotometer, media flexibility, printer management, job management, dual-sided printing support, and more. Wasatch Computer Technology has produced a number of imaging configurations for the HP Designjet L26500 and offers imaging configurations produced by HP for the HP Designjet L26500 and L28500. Click here to find a profile that suits your printing needs.

Support for the HP Designjet L26500 is available free of charge* with Wasatch SoftRIP and the Wasatch SoftRIP HP Exclusive Edition. The HP Designjet L28500 driver is a $500 add-on.

To learn more about the HP RIP Certification Program, click on the links below:

HP Designjet L26500

HP Designjet L28500

*The HP Designjet L26500 driver requires a special registration code that is free upon request for qualifying editions of SoftRIP.



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