ISA Case Studies, White Paper Exploring Digital Signage

In an effort to help sign companies learn from those who already have entered the digital signage field, the International Sign Association (ISA) has launched a new section of its Web site. The section includes a white paper exploring the opportunities that dynamic digital signage offers static sign companies and case studies of sign companies that have completed installations of digital projects.

“Dynamic digital signage will have an impact on the traditional sign industry, and we see tremendous potential for growth,” said Rich Gottwald, ISA’s executive vice president. “We offer multiple initiatives to educate members about dynamic digital, with the hope that sign companies can make informed decisions about their businesses.”

The case studies focus on traditional sign companies that actively are pursuing dynamic digital projects. They range from Bunting Graphics, a large architectural firm whose recent installations included Lincoln Center in New York City and the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida to Quality Quick Signs, which has begun recommending installations to several of its small, locally based clients.

Building a repository of Web site information is just the latest way that ISA has helped its members understand the opportunities related to dynamic digital.

During ISA International Sign Expo 2013, an entire day will be devoted to a Dynamic Digital Workshop, April 3. The track of courses will focus on all aspects of this rapidly expanding signage. To learn more, visit

Online courses also will be available through ISA Education, with five slated for the first quarter of 2013. With online learning, companies can schedule employees for the classes at a time that fits into their workflow.

To learn more about dynamic digital signage, including the case studies and white paper, visit



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