Linkett Turns TVs into Interactive Digital Displays

Technology Corporation, WestonExpressions today announces the ultimate tool for marketers – Linkett, a device that enables existing televisions and digital signs to have motion and mobile capabilities for promotions.

Linkett connects to any display with a simple USB or HDMI connection, transforming the television or digital sign into a one-of-a-kind interactive user experience. Utilizing patent-pending NFC technology new to the industry, consumers can receive coupons, apps, games, or purchase products directly from a display with a tap of a smartphone. The device also gives displays the ability to understand when a consumer is walking by, looking at or interacting with a smartphone which triggers different content to appear based on the consumer’s level of interest.

“Due to ‘media clutter,’ consumer attention spans are shrinking, which is proving traditional advertisements to be ineffective,” said Founder and CEO of WestonExpressions Douglas Lusted. “Linkett delivers engaging content to target audiences by turning average televisions into effective marketing engines through our mobile and motion technology. This really grabs the attention of consumers in a much more personal way.”

Linkett manages all media delivered to the displays and to mobile devices that come into contact through an online platform, eliminating the need for an IT department. This platform improves and simplifies the user experience by handling the uploading, editing, organization and scheduling of advertisement campaigns. The new content is immediately uploaded to the desired displays through Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or 3G Networks. The dynamic technology allows marketers to actively monitor campaigns and receive real-time analytics.

“The ability to create interactivity helps generate a sales funnel similar to online advertising which generates those key metrics like you would see on Google AdWords, however we are bringing these strategies to the world of digital signage from cost per acquisition right through to impression,” says Lusted. “Linkett’s main use is to give retailers a way to directly connect with their customers and reach immediate return on objectives.”

With the launch, WestonExpressions is opening a limited pre-order offer of Linkett for a one-time fee of $99. This includes three Linkett devices and access to their online platform as well as two months of service. First devices are expected to ship in fall 2013.



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