Chrome Finish for Formed and GemLite Letters

Brilliant chrome by day, a dazzling glow by night—that’s just one of the terrific aspects of a new Chrome finish for Formed Plastic and GemLite letters now available from Gemini Incorporated.

Available in either opaque or translucent, Gemini’s Silver Chrome letters are made using actual chrome film laminated to the company’s in-house manufactured sheets of recyclable CAB plastic.

Letters are available in standard Formed typestyles or can be manufactured to customer specifications for the ultimate chrome finish in a deep dimensional letter.

The maximum single piece available is 21-by-32 inches.

The addition of LED lighting in Gemini’s GemLite products made with translucent Silver Chrome gives them a different day/night appearance. By day they have a Silver Chrome look, while at night they take on a white “halo” look with a partially shaded face when the letters are illuminated.

Now entering its forty-ninth year of business, Gemini is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of dimensional letters, logos, and plaques for the sign industry. For more information, call 800/538-8377 or visit




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