Hingst’s Sign Post: Using SuperFrog Frog Juice

Jim Hingst writes: “I have been using Frog Juice for more than twenty-five years to protect graphics. My first project (pictured) is still withstanding the test of time.

“For years I have recommended edge sealing the RTape VinylEfx® films with SuperFrog’s Frog Juice, which is an acrylic enamel automotive grade clear coat. While it is great for protecting vinyl graphics, you can also use it for other applications, such as clear coating digital prints and even gold leaf.

“Frog Juice is available in quart and gallon cans and in aerosol cans at many sign supply distributors in the United States and Canada. Although you can apply Frog Juice with a brush or roller, some prefer spraying the clear coat on.  Spraying applies the Frog Juice evenly, with no brush marks.  If you apply Frog Juice with a brush, you can use the clear coat straight out of the can. Spraying requires that you thin the product.”

To read more, visit Jim’s “Hingst’s Sign Post” blog.



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