Océ North America Offers GRAPHIC-AL Line

Océ, a Canon Group company and an international leader in digital document management and printing for professionals, now offers the GRAPHIC-AL™ collection of aluminum composite materials. This line is ideal for use with the Océ Arizona® Series UV flatbed printers and other wide format digital printing systems to produce indoor and outdoor signage and display applications.

GRAPHIC-AL is a collection of four aluminum composite materials (ACM) designed for indoor and outdoor signage and displays. The entire GRAPHIC-AL collection of ACMs may be modified by using a saw or substrate cutter and may be contour-cut enabling easy project adaptation.

While each GRAPHIC-AL product has unique specifications and ideal applications, the entire GRAPHIC-AL line is produced by continuous coil coating and laminating processes, making consistent coating quality and outstanding flatness the hallmark of GRAPHIC-AL materials.

GRAPHIC-AL DP substrate is a direct-printable composite material that offers high rigidity, excellent flatness, consistent smoothness, and application versatility; it is ideal for indoor or outdoor signage and displays. It is composed of two skins of 0.005-inch-thick aluminum and a foamed polyethylene core and is topside-painted with a coating of high-polymer polyester resulting in stable adhesion.

GRAPHIC-AL DP material is an excellent substrate for flatbed printers and UV curable inks such as the Océ Arizona Series UV flatbed printers.

GRAPHIC-AL LT substrate is a lightweight, reversible material that offers excellent flatness and high rigidity. GRAPHIC-AL LT material is composed of two skins of 0.010-inch-thick aluminum and a polyethylene core. Both sides of the material are covered with a transparent protective film.

GRAPHIC-AL LT material is the ideal substrate for a number of applications including free-standing displays, kiosks, and interior and exterior signage. It is particularly notable for its exceptional workability: It is easy to cut, groove, bend and assemble with standard sign industry machines and tools. GRAPHIC-AL LT material is offered in a variety of colors, adding to its versatility.

GRAPHIC-AL HP substrate is a flat, rigid material coated with a high performance polyester paint that keeps its original appearance for a number of years. It is composed of two skins of 0.010-inch-thick aluminum and a polyethylene core, making it highly rigid yet lightweight, with the ability to withstand significant outdoor wind load conditions.

GRAPHIC-AL HP material offers exceptional workability: it is easy to cut, groove, bend and assemble with standard sign industry machines and tools. GRAPHIC-AL HP material is an ideal ACM for outdoor canopies and fascia signs and is often used in corporate identity applications and retail shops. Additionally, GRAPHIC-AL HP material offers a ten-year finish warranty.

GRAPHIC-AL OR material offers exceptional rigidity, excellent flatness and superior smoothness. Due to the thinner aluminum skin (0.005-inch-thick) and a foamed plastic core, GRAPHIC-AL OR material is a remarkably lightweight material. GRAPHIC-AL OR material is suitable for both indoor and outdoor signs and displays and may be cut with a substrate cutter or saw making it an extremely adaptable product.

GRAPHIC-AL products are produced by ALPOLIC, part of Mitsubishi Plastics’ family of companies and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ACM and metal composite materials (MCM) panels. ALPOLIC operates a production facility in Chesapeake, Virginia.

All GRAPHIC-AL material is available for order now. To order, customers should contact their authorized Océ Imaging Supplies dealer or call 888/503-2235.



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