Rowmark Introduces 2013 Color Chart

Rowmark announces that their new 2013 Color Chart is now in stock and available for order. In response to customer and distributor feedback, the 2013 Rowmark Color Chart offers the same detailed information in a more compact size, with an even easier to use layout and design. The Color Chart color chips now feature a simulated gloss, metallic, or brushed grain finish to represent the look of Rowmark’s engravable plastic sheets.

To aid customers with technical questions, user-friendly technical specifications are now listed separately under each product line, and the icon key (indicating specific features of Rowmark materials) is located at the top of each product section.

Rowmark’s 2013 Color Chart also features new products, including the UltraGrave™ product line in thirty-eight color combinations, as well as color additions to the ADA Alternative® Applique & Substrate, ColorHues™, and LaserMax® lines.

To receive a complimentary copy of the 2013 Rowmark Color Chart, email or download a PDF version at


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