Techno Inc. Customer Installs 4th CNC Router

Techno is proud to announce the completion of its fourth machine installation into a large volume plastics production company. The customer reports that they plan on adding two more new HDS machines this year taking advantage of the 2013 Section 179 Tax Law. The customer claims they will be able to write off 50 percent of many types of capital investments exceeding the deduction limit in the first year. This special provision was going to expire on 12/31/12, but Congress extended it.

Furthermore, the definition of “qualifying assets” will continue to include computer software in 2013, as the new legislation extended this piece of Section 179 for one year. The company claims the new tax law will save them over $40,000 by adding the additional machines. They are also forecasting a 25 percent growth this year and don’t see any slow down in the near or distant future. Another great example of small investments producing big returns!




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