Techno’s “CNC 101” Seminar was a Success!

Techno CNC Router Systems proudly announces that its in-house seminar, “CNC 101, Introduction to Signmaking,” was held with huge success. The company’s goal was met with great interest and enthusiasm by all of the attendees!


Guest Speaker, Award-Winning CNC Designer, Jamie Oxenham, renowned expert in the field of film props, television, print advertising, and themed signage and manufacturer of all things creative, conducted the seminar. He spoke on CNC sign routing basics with presentations on Creating a Smarter Toolpath, Engraving, Nesting, and Braille ADA Signs. Oxenham and the Techno team gave individual direction and support on each attendee’s questions.


The high-point of the day was Oxenham’s demonstration on how to route a sign from start to finish on a Techno LC CNC Router.


Techno’s team extends their thanks to all those who participated. The company is grateful for the time and energy everyone put into getting here early in the morning and travelling great distances to attend. More Seminars are Coming Soon!


These presentations are available for everyone who is interested in learning sign-routing basics at


To speak with an Application Engineer with any specific questions that you have, call 800/819-3366.



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