Hingst’s Sign Post Blog: HotMask Polyester Transfer Tapes

Sign Builder Illustrated columnist Jim Hingst writes: To transfer a print and cut heat transfer appliqué from its carrier to the garment you should use a polyester HotMask™ transfer tape. While many shop owners have used paper application tape to transfer printed heat transfer appliques, you are much better off using the right product for the application. The problem that I have with using paper application tape is that it is paper. And paper can tear, especially on larger appliques. This can slow down production.

RTape has developed a series of self-wound polyester HotMask™ transfer tapes are designed to aid the alignment of the graphic to the garment and protect printed heat transfer material from the high temperatures of heat pressing. These clear film tapes are available in different tack levels and different adhesive formulations.

To read more details, check out Jim’s blog entry.



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