GE Lighting & Cooledge: Next-Generation LED Light Sheets

GE Lighting has entered a joint-development agreement with Cooledge Lighting, Inc., to develop a customized GE Lightech™ LED power-supply driver as a key component in Cooledge’s first full range of LED light sheet solutions for fixture companies, which debut this week at the LightFair International tradeshow in Philadelphia (Cooledge Lighting booth 3712 and GE Lighting booth 2101).

GE Lighting’s JDA with Cooledge extends beyond the LED driver integration to include the development of high performance LED phosphors and LED solutions targeting a wide range of commercial applications including signage and retail refrigeration applications.

“Our technology and application teams appreciate the range of possibilities enabled by this new LED form factor,” says Maryrose Sylvester, president & CEO, GE Lighting. “These Cooledge light sheets advance the art of light fixture design by combining the application features of organic light emitting diodes with the cost and performance of LED technology.”

Cooledge’s flexible LED light sheets are engineered to provide high-quality lighting utilizing a highly dense pattern of LEDs on a thin plastic substrate.

“I know the depth and breadth of GE Lighting’s global technology organization and its commercial channel expertise will accelerate the broader adoption of Cooledge LED light sheet technology,” says C. Wade Sheen, CEO, Cooledge Lighting. “We’re inspired by GE Lighting’s vision and support, and eager to show the lighting design and fixture manufacturing communities what the future of lighting can be-starting this year.”

The unique form factor of Cooledge’s LED light sheets allows large panels, long lengths and the ability to conform to a wide variety of shapes—eliminating many of the constraints and challenges imposed by traditional LED lighting options. Luminaire designs using the LED light sheets can be fluid and minimal, also permitting unique material choices in many cases. Based on Cooledge’s patented technology, this new medium of light requires no additional heat-sinking or thermal management. 

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