Historic Pier is All Lit Up

The community of White Rock, British Columbia takes pride in its picturesque beach promenade, which includes a historic, 1500-foot pier. But aging lights along the pier were casting a shadow on the historic landmark.

The decision was made to replace the lights with fifteen new overhead arches, each edged with iLight Plexinon White 1X fixtures.

The lighting design was developed by Tripped On Light Design Inc., which was brought on board by engineering firm MCW Consultants Ltd. The project called for a durable lighting solution that could withstand exposure to the elements and salt spray. Intensity was also critical, as the client wanted the design element to be visible even from high upon the slope on which the city is perched. Lastly, there was also a desire to evoke the area’s past.

Plexineon was chosen to meet all of these requirements. “I knew the warm glow would mimic incandescent light, which would be consistent with the heritage layer that was key to the design,” says Joseph M. Scott, president of Tripped On Light Design. “Also, the fact the light emanates out over 270 degrees meant it would be visible even from a hill, despite being under an arch.”

Another advantage was that Plexineon could be factory-bent into the shape of the arches. “When we got the fixtures, they just snapped in,” says Scott. “The installation was flawless and quick.”

iLight2The city was thrilled with the final result. “They’re absolutely delighted, and it even went beyond my expectations,” says Scott. “The quality and uniformity make it a very pleasant line of light that is visible from all points.” 



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