MaxLite Adds LED Outdoor Lighting to Assembly Line Lineup

Continuing to create new jobs and expand its domestic production capabilities, MaxLite® has added a variety of LED outdoor lighting fixtures to its U.S. assembly line lineup while meeting the requirements of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). MaxLite, a leading marketer and manufacturer of energy efficient lamps and lighting fixtures, will produce nearly 30 percent of its outdoor line at the New Jersey headquarters, including full cutoff and standard LED wall packs (standard with photocell sensors), LED canopy fixtures, and LED large flood and area lights for garage, gas station, parking garage, and other commercial outdoor applications.
“We will continue to expand our assembly operations to assemble LED products that meet the increased variety and demand of our customers,” said MaxLite’s Global Operations Manager Zenny Haczyk. “Adding these outdoor fixtures to our assembly facility will allow for rapid inventory changes and better management of customer orders with tight project lead times.”
Haczyk oversees the assembly staff and works closely with quality control, shipping, and other departments. Opened in autumn last year, the assembly facility in the New Jersey corporate headquarters has produced ECO-T™ LED Recessed Troffers, FlatMAX™ LED Flat Panels and Linear Fluorescent Fixtures and will create the following MaxLED® outdoor lighting fixtures:

  • The energy efficient, DLC-approved LED Gas Pump Canopy Fixtures promote uncompromising safety and security at service stations and other outdoor commercial and industrial environments and replace up to 250-watt metal halide fixtures while using just 70 watts.
  • The standard LED WallMAX™ Wall Packs with new optics increase light output and efficacy to reduce shadows and create safe, brightly-lit outdoor environments while full cutoff LED Wall Packs are DesignLights™ Consortium (DLC)-qualified and engineered as maintenance-free, energy-efficient alternatives to fluorescent, high/low pressure sodium, and metal halide fixtures.
  • The LED Area Lights are efficient, energy-saving replacements for 250-, 320- and 400-watt metal halide and high-pressure sodium fixtures and operate on electrical systems ranging from 120- to 277-volts. Available in 70-, 100- and 140-watt versions, the fixtures are designed with a discreet integral driver and offer a full cutoff classification, in several IES beam patterns.
  • The line of 70-, 100- and 140-watt Flood Lights replace 250-, 320- and 400-watt metal halide and high-pressure sodium lighting fixtures. The fixtures are designed with a discreet integral driver and offer a NEMA 5 distribution, in full flood or a type V pattern with a MaxFOCUS™ Collimator, for longer throw applications.



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