MaxLite Introduces New Retrofit Kit

MaxLite® introduces the LED RKT Series Recessed Troffer Retrofit Kit and LED RKL Retrofit Kit Strips (pictured), as economical easy-to-install upgrades to LED lighting that require minimal modifications to the existing recessed troffer housing. The LED Retrofit Kit and LED Strips replace traditional fluorescent troffers in lay-in or T-grid ceilings in a variety of commercial and institutional applications, including offices, lobbies, hallways, and conference rooms in schools, municipalities, libraries, airports, healthcare facilities, showrooms, corporate campuses, retailers, and hospitality environments.

“Our new LED RKT Recessed Troffer Retrofit Kit and LED RKL Strips combine value-optimized high-efficiency and high-performance quality lighting while avoiding removal of existing fixtures and associated asbestos abatement,” said Pat Treadway, MaxLite’s vice president of Product Marketing and Engineering. “Representing the inflection point to making LEDs a cost-effective replacement for fluorescent troffers, the LED Kit and Kit Strips suit the needs of facility managers and building owners trying to stretch renovation and construction budgets in commercial and institutional environments.”

MaxLite’s buzz- and flicker-free LED RKT and RKL Kits are available in dimmable and non-dimmable models for lighting comfort, and are compatible with all 0-10V building controls, motion sensors, timers and daylight harvesting systems for additional energy savings. Available in diverse lumen outputs, voltages, wattages and color temperatures ranging from very warm white to bright white, the LED Kits are initially offered in 45-watt 1’x4’ and 2’x2’ models and 55-watt 2’x4’ models. The LED Kits use thermal dot technology for temperature and warranty control and are engineered with system-matched drivers.

The eight-pound RKT Kit has patent-pending design consisting of four LED strips with LM80-rated LED chips that are assembled on aluminum and copper clad FR4 printed circuit boards. The LED strips are mounted directly to the carriage and are secured with screws through pre-punched holes for easy upgrade and replacement. The durable one-piece galvanized sheet housing acts as a heat sink for thermal control.

The LED RKL Retrofit Kit Strips feature twin aluminum carrier angles for easy installation, heat sinking, and optical diffusion with full range dimming capabilities. The Kit Strips weigh less than three pounds for easy handling overhead, and can be easily field installed and replaced using simple hand tools. The LED Kit Strips feature replaceable circuit boards that are assembled to the twin aluminum 90-degree carrier angles set at 45-degrees, for added heat sinking and optic diffusion.

An installation video of the RKT Kit is also available:



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