Outwater's Low Profile D-Light LED T5 Compact Lighting

In addition to its very successful series of D-Light T5 Compact Fluorescent Lighting already on the market, deemed the thinnest fluorescent light ever with the slimmest price going, Outwater [Outwater Plastics Industries, Inc. + Architectural Products by Outwater, LLC] is pleased to introduce its cost-effective D-Light LED T5 Compact Lighting, featuring the classic look of the original very popular fluorescent light fixture in an updated LED format.
Integrated within a low profile, sturdy, all white PVC casing, which is intended to readily fit into all of those “hard-to-light” places that previously could not be illuminated, such as furniture, cabinets and displays, Outwater’s energy efficient 120 volt D-Light LED T5 Compact Lighting not only comes complete with a free 6-foot power cord as well as PVC mounting clips and screws, it also includes a number of desirable features usually found on much more costly units including a protective polycarbonate bulb cover, an individual on/off rocker switch, and modular, daisy chained connectivity, enabling up to ten fixtures to be linked either directly to one another or via available 6-inch, 12-inch or 18-inch connecting cables.
Offered in three standard lengths from 23.77-inches up to 47.70-inches with cool or warm white lighting, Outwater’s D-Light LED T5 Compact Lighting comprises from 96 to 240 LED chips per fixture with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 75 (cool white) and 80 (warm white).  Noted for its manufacturing and performance consistency, not to mention its low power consumption, Outwater’s super bright D-Light T5 Compact LED Lighting has a beam spread of 120° and provides from 720 Lumens up to 1,800 Lumens depending on the chosen bulb color temperature and fixture length.   
Designed to utilize from 33% to 42% less energy than its fluorescent counterpart, Outwater’s D-Light LED T5 Compact Lighting is environmentally friendly, contains no mercury, gives off minimal heat transmission, and does not emit UV rays or infrared light, rendering Outwater’s D-Light T5 Compact LED Lighting ideal and safe for a variety of residential and commercial applications.



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