Permlight for Signs Unveils Industry-First X2 Technology

Permlight®, a premier provider of energy efficient LED lighting and signage solutions and patent-holders for the first LED channel letters, unveils its newest innovation, X2 Technology (patent pending).
A product of the Permlight for Signs™  brand that serves illuminated sign manufacturers,  this breakthrough technology alternates power between two sets of LEDs which creates a sign that is consistently brighter, and completely illuminated for twice as long as currently available technology. The deceptively simple embodiment along with its bi-stable drive system is patent pending and comes with an industry-leading ten-year warranty making Permlight’s X2 Technology the smartest, most reliable solution available.
Applied to Nitro and El Plato, two of the most popular signage products for channel letters in national programs, X2 Technology doubles LED lifetime, increasing it from 5 years to 10 years, virtually eliminating the hassle of replacing LED modules in channel letters.
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