SGIA Imagers Learn Necessary Tools for Compliance

SGIA’s Workshop, “Hazard Communication and Chemicals: A Roadmap to Compliance,” educated industry attendees January 29-31, 2013 about new changes released to the Hazard Communication Standard of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

This workshop was led by SGIA’s Vice President of Government & Business Information, Marci Kinter and Michelle Sullivan, PhD, a recognized expert in domestic and international hazard communication, an author of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and GHS Guidance Manuals and frequent lecturer on hazard communication.

“Michelle Sullivan is an expert on the subject and can convey the implications of the GHS system both on a domestic as well as on an international level (important for exporters). This workshop has equipped me with the knowledge to ensure my company is ready for the new hazard communication standard,“ said Workshop attendee Pedro Guerrero, KIWO Inc.

The Workshop explained the new standards for attendees and provided the necessary resources to develop an implementation strategy for their businesses. Topics included:

+ New health hazard classification system, including the use of bridging principles when the toxicity of the entire mixture has not been tested;

+ Physical Health Hazard evaluations, including a discussion on combustible dust;

+ New warning label formats such as required warning statements, pictograms and supplemental warning information; and

+ SDS format, both required and non-mandatory sections

The Workshop was an overall success, clarifying standards and procedures for implementation and also providing and working through examples to help with comprehension.

For more information about the changes released to the Hazard Communication Standard of OSHA, please visit the Safety and Health section of SGIA's First to Know section.

For more information about SGIA Workshops and Training, visit, Keyword: Events.



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