Allen Honored for Sign Industry Service at Sign Expo ‘13

John Allen, executive president of Allen Industries in Greensboro, North Carolina, was presented the Kirk L. Brimley Distinguished Service Award at ISA International Sign Expo Thursday. The award is presented annually to an industry leader who has made significant contributions to the on-premise sign industry.

During Allen’s tenure as chairman of the board of the International Sign Association, ISA began a lengthy reorganization process to better align the local and national levels. “John’s steady focus led ISA through many difficult conversations during this process,” said current ISA chair Harry Niese in presenting the award. “John kept everyone involved focused on the goal of providing excellent service to all of our members and to the industry at large.”

Allen served as ISA chair during 2011, after many years of service on ISA committees. He also has been an active member of the Southern States Sign Association and World Sign Associates. He is a former WSA chair as well.

In presenting Allen with the award, Niese quoted several former ISA board members on Allen’s legacy. “John’s deep analytical thought process is a key component of his success as a leader,” said Ken Von Wald, former ISA chair. “He has an uncanny knack for breaking down large and complex issues into simple and solvable equations.”

“John always made certain that all the voices, both in the board room and in the association, were not only heard but were respected and appreciated,” said Roy Flahive, former ISA board member.

Allen thanked his family, ISA peers, and the employees of Allen Industries. “There are so many hardworking, dedicated volunteers, many of which could be standing up here,” Allen said in receiving the award. “When you serve as chair of ISA, sometimes you have to step away from your company. Your business has to go on and they picked up the pieces and we never skipped a beat.”

The Distinguished Service Award is presented annually as part of ISA International Sign Expo, honoring a member who has shown dedication and service to the on-premise sign industry for many years. ISA International Sign Expo is the sign industry’s largest tradeshow.



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