Heat Transfer Warehouse Finds More Space in Fargo

Heat Transfer Warehouse (HTW), a leading distributor of heat transfer materials, has recently moved its office location in Fargo, North Dakota.

Heat Transfer Warehouse has had great success with their distribution of heat transfer products used in the garment and textile decoration industry. After opening in Fargo, ND in 2010, Heat Transfer Warehouse has outgrown its original office/warehouse location and has moved to a location with more office and warehouse space.

With HTW being headquartered in Fargo, the new office space alone was well needed. “Having enough room for my existing employees is great now and for the future”, says Kirk Anton, owner of Heat Transfer Warehouse. “The warehouse space will help us expand our product lines as well.” The Fargo location is the main call center and hub for the other locations in the U.S.

Heat Transfer Warehouse is a leading supplier of heat transfer materials and vinyl located in Fargo, ND; Las Vegas, NV; Cincinnati Metro. For additional information about heat transfer products or location nearest you please visit www.heattransferwarehouse.com or call toll free at 1.888.819.4421.



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