Hexacomb at Global Shop Expo

Hexacomb®, a BOISE® company, will be using its Falconboard™ graphic display board line to create a three-dimensional “under the L-tracks” urban street scene at Global Shop Expo, McCormick Place, Chicago, April 16-18. All three Falconboard™ products—Print, Build, and Mount will be used to construct the city vignette in booth 1051.

Ideally suited for wide format, digital, and screen printing applications such as interior signage, point-of-purchase, tradeshow displays, kiosks, framing, and mounting, Falconboard™ products are known for their superior print quality. The line is paper-based and includes recycled fiber content. Its honeycomb core, made from engineered paper and water-based adhesives, offers the dimensional stability required by demanding applications.

“We tell our prospective customers that Falconboard™ is an ideal material to help them make an impactful brand statement at the retail level. But, at this year’s Global Shop Expo, we will actually be showing them,” said Tim Bolton, director of Falconboard™ business development, Hexacomb. “By reproducing a downtown Chicago street, we hope to provide fuel for brand owners to unleash their own creativity.”

Falconboard materials will be used for most of the structural elements in the 20 feet deep x 30 feet wide x 12 feet tall booth—ranging from support columns, overhead “L” tracks, signage, hot dog cart, window displays, as well as functional tables and chairs.

The display board is easy to cut into desired shapes, accommodates most inks and adhesives, as well as commercial connective systems such as edge tape and plastic or metal edging/channels. It is lightweight and heat-resistant up to 80 degrees Celsius. The tough core resists denting and its durable construction is scratch and warp resistant, which makes it ideally suited for applications requiring three-dimensional stability.

Falconboard’s structural characteristics (strong, flat and rigid), enable improved performance and give designers more creative options compared to foam board, wood and corrugated. For example, Falconboard Build’s weight-bearing attributes are ideal for “spectaculars”—large format point-of-sale displays that typically span several feet—and semi-permanent structures traditionally made from wood and metal.  



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