Hingst’s Sign Post: Color Trends

Sign Builder Illustrated contributor Jim Hingst writes, “Popularity of colors among designers and consumers can vary from year to year. To keep pace with color trends, vinyl film manufacturers and paint companies try to gauge changes in the marketplace. Colors from the world of fashion and interior décor have impacted color selection in the automotive market and in corporate graphics. Bold and vibrant colors, which include dark magenta, purple, tangerine and brilliant blues, are in vogue in the fields of corporate identity, web design and retail graphics as well as with today’s consumer.

“The late, great comedian Flip Wilson popularized the phase “What you see, is what you get”. Little did he know that his words could be used to describe how our visual experiences influence our purchasing behavior and why color is so important in marketing.

“What researchers have discovered is that more 90 percent of us unconsciously make decisions of what we like and don’t like based on color and other visual factors. And in more than half of our buying decisions, when selecting one product versus another, color is the deciding factor. So you see, Flip was right, what you see, is what you get—if “getting” is what you got at the store.

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