New Fixtures & Components for “Shop-in-a-Box” Stores

Walls + Forms, Inc., just added a wide range of fixtures and components for its fast growing flex retail “pop up” store collection called Shop-in-a-Box. Shop-in-a-Box provides an inexpensive and modular retail experience.

Shop-in-a-Box fixtures include cash stands, floor displays, wall systems, showcases, graphic panels, and more. Components include riser sets, card holders, slatwall countertop displays, stools, multi-tier displays, shelf units, counter clothing displays, and lighting fixtures and bulbs. Other components include brackets and standards, display waterfalls, slatwall peg hooks, security covers, and more.

Shop-in-a-Box is available in four standard sizes: a 20-by-4-foot store, a 10-by-25-foot store, a 10-by-25-foot store, and a 40-by-25-foot store.

For example, a standard set-up for a basic 20-by-4-foot Walls + Forms store shown at includes slatwall panels for merchandising, solid LPL panels for a wall system, and support panels that allow for shelving and supports. It contains three-shelving units with seven adjustable shelves total, five-panel headers for graphics and signage, two four-foot glass showcases, and one four-foot cash stand for storage.

Another example shown is the standard set-up for a basic 40-by-25-foot Walls + Forms store. It includes wall panels with slatwall and wall panels with LPL surfaces, support panels for stability, and ten shelving units with three adjustable shelves per unit. It features one door panel assembly with a locking door knob, two C-L shape cash stands and all the necessary connectors and hardware. In addition, Walls + Forms can provide a sampling of floor fixtures that can be placed in the store for a wide variety of product applications.

Shop-in-a-Box from Walls + Forms is a reusable, temporary, modular store that can easily be adapted to any retail space. It is ideally suited for mall and leasing agents for leasing out a smaller portion of vacant area, reduces unsightly empty stores, and offers cost savings advantages such as monthly lease payment. It is also perfect for retailers that want to downsize and sublease part of their retail space.

Shop-in-a-Box offers a multitude of benefits. It is modular, quick and easy to setup and take down, offers multiple configurations with unlimited sizes for store configurations, and offers easy replacement or add-on opportunity. It is economical, simple to specify, and offers great design and color options and a short lead time. Utilizing Shop-in-a-Box, slatwall counters and showcases can be combined to complete a store layout and shipping costs are reduced, since items ship on skids, saving freight expenses. Walls + Forms offers quality engineering, complementary floor plan layouts and assistance, and customer support staff to ensure on time delivery and answer set up questions.

CornerForms are a key component of the Shop-in-the-Box concept. They are easy to install, easy to assemble / dismantle and reconfigure. This patented two part fastening system can be used to construct pop-up stores and hundreds of other applications.

A wide variety of color and design options are available. For more information, visit



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